The Different Types of Law Practices in the US

If you are someone who is interested in studying law, you must determine what field of law you want to specialize in. Law is a kind of profession that has different branches and concerns and it pays to know which field of law you want to practice when you graduate. Below is a list of the major areas of law in the US, a very helpful guide if you want to enter law school but still undetermined on what field to study.

bankruptcy law

  • Bankruptcy Law: This field of law deals with insolvency issues of both organizations and private individuals. This type of law is under the domain of Federal Law, and bankruptcy lawyers handling bankruptcy cases are all experts of the US Bankruptcy Code.
  • Civil Rights Law: This field of law works in balancing the interests of the government against private individuals or institutions and vice versa. The most common cases under the Civil Rights Law include discrimination issues, unfair practices, and controlling of the right of speech, education, employment, housing, and other entitlements to name a few.
  • Labor Law: This kind of law oversees the relations of employers and employees and protects both parties against issues dealing with compensation and wages, harassment and discrimination among others. Labor lawyers represent both the company and the employers.
  • Real Estate Law: Lawyers expert in the real estate handle matters that concern land or property ownership, house or building construction, landlord disputes, tenant rights, and litigation to name a few. Lawyers also compose and study contracts, as well as residential, commercial and industrial transactions.
  • Health Law: Health lawyers take care of the legislations, rules and policies related to health care. Lawyers in this field are concerned with the welfare of the patients, health institutions, insurance companies, and health practitioners.

Criminal Law

  • Criminal Law: This field of law focuses on the sanctioning of illegal behavior. Criminal Law lawyers represent the one being accused of criminal activity and the victim of a criminal act. Both sides, the prosecution and the defense, are represented by criminal lawyers to exert their respective basic rights and liberties.
  • Business Law: All legal aspects encircling the world of business and corporations are handled by a business lawyer, also called corporate lawyers. Some of the major tasks of a business lawyer include the reviewing and checking of business contracts, acquisitions, mergers, and handling disputes involving the corporation and private individuals concerning patents and liabilities among others.
  • Immigration Law: Individuals who are in the process of naturalization is being represented or assisted by an immigration lawyer. The clients are often the ones that are staying in the US without legal permission, or the ones seeking asylum.
  • Family Law: Adoption, child care, family welfare, and divorce process are only some of the concerns often handled by a family lawyer. The main aspects of the family law deal with domestic partnerships and family harmony as a whole.
  • Maritime Law: Also called Admiralty Law, is a kind of law that involves sailors, navigation and marine trade activities.